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What is it?


The Exchange exists to provide a forum for GLC collaboration surrounding the topics of Missional Vibrancy and Financial Viability


We will host an online session approximately once every six weeks (see the schedule below), featuring guest speakers, topical presentations, and educational opportunities (30 minutes). Additionally, we will intentionally leave a considerable amount of time (1 hour) for pastors and ministry leaders to discuss and collaborate on the actual visions and endeavors our GLC churches are engaged in. Discussion groups will have the opportunity to continue their discussion beyond the session's end time. The Exchange is also providing a private Facebook page to promote continued discussion between sessions. 

Who is this for?

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All GLC pastors, associate pastors, and church lay-leaders (via invitation from their pastor).  Pastors may choose to include specific financial and/or ministry lay-leaders that are key Kingdom workers within the innovative ministries and entrepreneurial practices at their churches.

Why Should You Participate?

Simply stated, together is better! The Exchange is providing an opportunity for our church leaders to share ideas, stories, knowledge, advice, resources, encouragement, and prayer. Together we have the mind of Christ (I Cor. 2:16). 

Something to Consider

The word "exchange" implies both give and take. In other words, come not only  for yourselves but for each other too. When we choose to invest in each other, ultimately everybody gains! 

Please Register for The Exchange 

After registering you may attend all events The Exchange offers, both now and in the future. 

Mark Your Calendars!

Monday, April 8
6:30 pm CST & 7:30 pm EST


What's Happening at New Vision?
Pastor Christina Bosserman

The Rest Stop Hospitality & Meeting House is part of New Vision's outreach and community connection. They utilize their building to host game nights, art nights and more. In addition, opening the building to rent or loan space to other churches, groups, and individuals in the community has also become both a source of income as well as a connection point with the people in their neighborhood. They host another church on Sunday mornings, as well as multiple groups throughout the week including Boy Scouts, Alcoholics Anonymous, home schooling groups, music instructors, and individuals who wish to rent space for birthday parties, baby showers and more.

Come to hear Pastor Christina share about the joys and hurdles they have experienced while making The Rest Stop a reality in Pewaukee WI. 

Don't forget to join The Exchange Facebook group where you can view past recorded sessions, exchange conversation, share book & video recommendations, and more. 

Check back for future sessions!

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