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Spiritual Directors

A Spiritual Director is a gifted and trained individual who walks with you as a companion on your spiritual journey with the sole purpose of caring for your soul. A good Spiritual Director relies on the Holy Spirit to be the ultimate guide and aspires only to help position you before Jesus to receive his transforming touch.


Building a solid, ongoing relationship with a Spiritual Director is a gift when we find ourselves in turbulent waters, as well as when we walk through terrains of greener pastures. Over time, the relationship you build with your Spiritual Director will be priceless. It is a friendship that is deeply rooted in the "things of God." This three-stranded cord (you, your Spiritual Director & God) is extremely strong.


Pastor Vicki has worked closely with the Spiritual Director listed on this page in multiple contexts. She has known David for over a decade and she endorses him wholeheartedly.  If you are interested in obtaining a Spiritual Director, you may contact him to discuss the details with no strings attached. He is eager to meet you! 

David Oliver.PNG

Dr. David Oliver

Rev. Dr. David M. Oliver is the founder of Living water, LLC in North Canton, Ohio. He assists Christian leaders and churches across the globe to develop strengths, heal hurts and create positive change. To do this he uses Transformational Coaching, Christ-centered Spiritual Direction, and Inner Healing and Freedom Encounter Deliverance. 

Dr. Oliver earned his Doctor of Ministry in Spiritual Formation at Asbury Theological Seminary and his Master of Divinity from Duke University Divinity School. Before founding Living Water, he pastored churches in Ohio for nearly thirty years.

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