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Whether discerning your call into ministry or walking through the process of credentialing, The BIC Great Lakes Conference is committed to guiding and assisting you. Matthew Peterson, our Theologian in Residence, is looking forward to meeting you and helping you navigate the credentialing process. 

Video Resource
Credentialing Q&A

Recorded on Wednesday, October 25, 2023
7:30 Central / 8:30 Eastern

In this session, Great Lakes Conference

Theologian in Residence, Matthew Peterson,

hosted a 1-hour discussion on the topic:

Your Credentialing Journey: Ministerial Credentialing with the BIC U.S.

Take this opportunity to learn more about BIC U.S. ministry credentialing requirements, upcoming opportunities to meet those requirements, and discuss questions that you might have about this process.

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In this session, Great Lakes Conference

Theologian in Residence Matthew Peterson

will be hosting a 1-hour presentation/discussion on the topic:

DQ Overview & The Scriptures

Event Description

The Doctrinal Questionnaire is an important step in one's Ministry Credentialing with the BIC U.S., designed to give pastors and other ministry leaders the opportunity to present their theological and pastoral sensitivities to the wider BIC U.S. family. This event will provide an overview of the Doctrinal Questionnaire process as well as offer guidance for completing the first section on Scripture Interpretation.


Ministry Training

Whether you’re a volunteer, BIC minister, or missionary, The BIC is here to equip you for effective service. Offerings include a Directed Study Program, Impact Seminars, a Missionary Development Program, and BIC core courses.  There is also a course to help you discern your calling. 


A BIC Network for Women in Ministry

We encourage and inspire women of all ages not only to discover, but also use their gifts in ministry. We help all women envision, empower, engage, and equip one another.
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Please feel free to contact Matthew Peterson with any questions you might have:

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