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Pursuing Political Peace & Peacemaking

The Seed does not align with or promote any political party or candidate. We seek only to provide helpful information in the pursuit of being political peacemakers.

Our friends at The Meeting House in Canada help us sort through our current climate of political polarization by reminding us of "a third way" that is embedded in our Anabaptist roots: Peacemaking.

This sermon series, filmed in November of 2020, remains extremely relevant as we navigate the turbulent waters of political topics that touch our lives every day.

Be sure to scroll down to discover other helpful resources below. We also encourage clean, respectful conversation on this topic in the chat forum below. 

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Blog Post: 

Vaccines, Masks, Civil Liberties, & the Church
                                                                         By Bruxy Cavey

Parts 2 & 3 have not yet been published. 

Additional Information

Phil Vischer
Christian, creater of Veggie Tales, animator, voice actor, and podcast host, has created several informational videos on some of the political hot-topics facing Christianity today. 

We need to talk about race. Why are people angry? Why so upset? Didn't we elect a black president? Pass civil rights laws? Isn't racism illegal now? Three years ago my brother Rob and I co-taught a class that discussed issues of racial injustice. That class turned into a popular podcast episode, which we've now turned into this video. Why are people still angry? Let's take a look at race in America...

I got a lot of follow-up questions after my last video about race, so I'm answering the four that came up the most...

~Phil Vischer with Skye Jathani

...Christians are debating a whole host of issues, but in all these debates, one issue arises that seems to trump them all: Abortion. And there is one solution to abortion: Overturning Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in 1973. Without Roe, abortion would still be illegal. Problem solved.


Except the reality is much more complicated than that. Starting with the fact that Roe didn’t make abortion legal, and overturning Roe wouldn’t make abortion illegal...                                       

An overwhelming majority of WHITE Christians vote Republican. An overwhelming majority of BLACK Christians vote Democrat. Why is that? Don't they read the same Bible and pray to the same God? Which group doesn't know they're voting for the wrong party?? Phil Vischer takes us on a fast-paced trip through history to figure out why different American Christians read the same Bible, pray to the same God, and vote very, very differently...

We hear a lot about Evangelical Christians. But what IS an Evangelical? A conservative Christian? A white Christian? A white conservative Christian? It's time to dive into history to discover the fascinating story of Evangelicalism in America - a tale that includes controversies, arguments about the Bible, seminaries and TV shows... oh... and MONKEYS!

This is a short little video that will NOT tell you WHO to vote for. If that’s what you’re looking for, wrong video. Instead, I will walk you through how I think about voting first and foremost as a Christian rather than as a member of one or another political tribe. I also want to talk about the idea of “ideological constraint,” which can warp our thought processes as we engage with politics. It’s important...

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