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Reflections on the Cross

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

The Cross

Lord, I thank you for the cross.

While it was a symbol of a cruel death, You gave it a different purpose.

To be broken, rejected, dying, but bringing hope and healing to souls

everywhere who long for fellowship with You.

Thank You for loving me so much to spread your arms in death,

yet spreading them to give me life and love.

Lori K. Lower, 9/21/13

A few years ago for Easter, I was part of a ladies' trio which sang a very meaningful song by Lana Gibbons, entitled Fear Not (I Love You This Much).

The chorus goes like this:

For I love you this much, my arms are opened wide,

for I love you this much, I bled for you and died.

For I love you this much, there's nothing you can do,

to take away the love that I have for every one of you.

I wanted to share these insights with you as we are in Holy Week and coming up on Good Friday. What are your thoughts as you reflect on the cross of Jesus?

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