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Cared for Leader Resource

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Providing spiritual care and nurturing

for pastors by pastors in the Great Lakes Conference (GLC)

of the Brethren in Christ Church. 

Director: Pastor Vicki Podjasek



Leadership Meetings

Second Monday of Each Month

6:00 PM Central / 7:00 PM Eastern

1.5 - 2 hours in length


Kids in Tree Exercise

Show your group the "Kids in the Tree" picture. 

"Take a few minutes to study this picture. In this snapshot of time, which child best represents you and why? In other words, how is it with your soul? In a few minutes we will share our answers."

Pastors tend answer with, "How is it with my church?"  Redirect them. Though church circumstances will naturally play a part in their answer, the key is for them to look inward. 

Goal: A self-awareness-soul-check, building trust with the group, group confidentialiy, learning how to pray for one another below the surface.






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