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A theological overview of the egalitarian position and what a commitment to mutuality looks like in practice. A Brethren In Christ perspective on who we are, how we function, and what it means for human flourishing as we explore how we can embolden women in ministry.

Join us for this interactive webinar, where we will engage in a conversation about how we can continue to grow in our convictions about mutuality in ministry.

We are thrilled to announce that both Bishop Lynn Thrush, from the Great Lakes Conference, and Bishop Heather Beaty, from the Susquehanna Conference, will be speaking at this virtual event. Bishop Lynn will bring a theological overview of our BIC US position on women in ministry, and Bishop Heather will discuss what that looks like, how it functions in the local church, and how we can continue to grow in our commitment to this affirmation.

There will be a breakout session, hosted by a moderator, for conversation as we explore what it looks like to empower and embolden women in ministry in our churches—as individuals, leaders, and the church communities.

This is a FREE Event, but registration is required. There are two date and time options. Register by clicking below on the date of your choice.

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