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Into the Deep

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An online experience,

diving into the depths of God's presence

Hope      Healing      Support

Begins February 21, 2022
Registration Open Now
limited availability

The Iceburg...


We all have areas that are hidden below the surface; areas in need of healing and restoration - things we keep hidden, even from ourselves.  The journey of life brings hardships and the things we walk through often have residual effects that build up below the surface. When we accept God's invitation to meet him in the deep, he begins the good work of healing. 


This ten week program provides a safe place to offer our brokenness to God. It is a journey that includes teaching, experientials and peer interaction guided by trained mentors.  Please watch the introductory video below. 

Free "Taste & See" session is available.

Click on "Register" below for more details. 

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