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Explore Great Lakes Conference shared events, tools, links, and features by clicking the boxes below!

Participate from anywhere! Everything can be accessed online.

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Good news and encouragement from Lakeview BIC in Michigan.

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Bedtime stories for kids from Amherst BIC in Ohio.

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Weekly support group from The Seed & The Dwelling Place BIC in Illinois.

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Video Messages for Pastors from the Bishop's office.


A new blog post from Ashland BIC in Ohio.

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Old Testament study from New Vision BIC in Wisconsin.

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A mom's group from Amherst BIC in Ohio.

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The Church Addresses Peace, Justice & Racial Reconciliation - MCC & Bishop's Office

There's this and more, so be sure to explore!

The Seed is an ever-changing platform of shared resources and events that everyone can participate in.

What do you and/or your church have to contribute? 

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